High School stay in Berlin


Private Day School


Berlin - Gymnasium Panketal

Private high school Gymnasium Panketal is located in a green Berlin suburb - students can enjoy both, safe suburban life and easy access to the city center of Berlin. The school has a very friendly community atmosphere and teaches in small classes with max. 20 students. The academic level is high, and the school also offers a lot in the arts and in music. The school expects German on level B1 - if your German is lower than that, you can do a preparation course first and then switch to this school.

LocationBerlin - Google map
School typePrivate day school with host family - school website
HighlightsBilingual classes in some subjects, school trips, frequent projects, computer-based learning
Size240 students
RequirementsMinimum age 14, German on level B1
EntryAUG/SEP, for min. 1 year
AbiturPossible, if you join in class 10 and stay until class 12
Price15.400 € per year incl. school, local GLS tutor, host family

The School

The school has has well-equipped and modern buildings with a cafeteria, a workshop and a music room. On weekdays the students have lunch together with their teachers and are occupied until 4.15 pm


Spanish, Latin, French, English, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, German, History, Biology, Geography, Sports, Physics, Chemistry, Arts, Music

Classes: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am till 3 pm or 4.40 pm


In host families, single room, full board.