University Pathway Germany

You´d like to study at a German university? But don´t know how to go about it? The GLS university pathway program will guide you through every step and will outline a PERSONAL ROADMAP to university for you:


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University Pathway Germany
Study fields
Degrees: BA and MA

Degrees: BA and MA

FH JenaSDI Munich
Tuition:Tuition: starting from 400 €/month

Bachelor Degrees:

  • Biotechnology
  • Business Administration 
  • Business Information Systems 
  • E-Commerce
  • Engineering:
    • Automation Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering 
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Materials Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Medical Engineering
    • Physics Engineering 
    • Precision Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Laser - and Optotechnologies
  • Mechatronics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Optometry
  • Social Work

Bachelor Degrees:

  • International Business Communication 
  • International Media Communication & Technical Communication

Master Degrees:

  • Intercultural Communication and Moderation
  • International Media Communication
University pathway
regular & fast track

regular & fast track

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There are 2 pathways to university in Germany, depending on your academic background:

  • Option A (TestDaF) is for you if your academic background allows direct access to university. In that case you only have to perfect your German (by passing the exam TestDaF)
  • Option B (Studienkolleg): If your academic background does NOT allow direct access to university, you will need to perfect your German AND also attend a Studienkolleg for 1 year.  

We´ll check you documents for free and tell you which option applies to you. See the tables below to get an idea of what to expect in terms of time and money:



Option A: TestDaFRegular track*Fast track*
If you are a complete beginner:44 weeks - 6.100 €29 weeks - 6.725 €
... starting A236 weeks - 5.100 €24 weeks - 6.000 €
... starting B128 weeks - 4.100 €19 weeks - 4.855 €
... starting B220 weeks - 3.340 €14 weeks - 3.830 €
... starting C112 weeks - 2.340 €9 weeks - 2.610 €
Having finished C1TestDaF exam @ GLS (6 x per year)
Having passed TestDaFUniversity starts (April or October)

Included: TestDaF prep course of 4 weeks with exam in week no. 5 at GLS. GLS is an official testing center for TestDaf. Not included: TestDaF exam fee (175 €) and university placement fee with conditional acceptance letter of a German university, granting access to a Bachelor degree program (600 €).

* Regular track: German course with 20 lessons / week, max 12 per group. Fast track: German course with 30 lessons/week, max 8 per group


Option B: StudienkollegRegular track*Fast track*
Complete beginner36 weeks - 5.100 €24 weeks - 6.000 €
Starting A228 weeks - 4.100 €19 weeks - 4.855 €
Starting B120 weeks - 3.340 €14 weeks - 3.830 €
Starting B212 weeks - 2.340 €9 weeks - 2.610 €
GLS Prep course for Studienkolleg (optional, 720 €)
Having passed Studienkolleg
entrance exam
Studienkolleg starts (FEB or AUG, lasts one year)**
Having finished Studienkolleg 
and passed "Feststellungsprüfung"
University starts (in April or October)

Included: Goethe B2 prep course of 4 weeks with exam in week no. 5. Not included: exam fee (215 €), university placement fee with conditional acceptance letter of a German university, granting access to a Bachelor degree program (600 €)

* Regular track: German course with 20 lessons / week, max 12 per group. Fast track: German course with 30 lessons/week, max 8 per group

** We cooperate with a Studienkolleg in Nordhausen, Germany (Google map), which is more or less free, see costs here. If you´d like to stay in Berlin, private Studienkollegs are available, charging tuition fees of 5000 - 6000 €. 

It sounds complicated, but don´t worry: Send us your documents in a simple copy (high school diploma and, if you have them, university diplomas) - we will check them FOR FREE, and we´ll outline a personal roadmap to university in Germany for you.

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prep course for the entrance exam

prep course for the entrance exam

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Prep course for the Studienkolleg entrance examination: 

Duration of the prep course: 4 weeks | Content: German & Maths | 20 lessons à 45 minutes per week | small groups with max. 12 students | Level you need to enroll: B2 - test your level online

Prep courseStudienkolleg entrance examPrice
2 JAN - 27 JAN 2017end of JAN 2017720 €
31 JUL - 25 AUG 2017end of AUG 2017720 €
  • German on B2 level (grammar, reading and understanding) and test training
  • Basic math knowledge and test training
  • Exam simulation with authentic exam material issued by several Studienkollegs


About Studienkolleg

Students, who cannot apply directly to study at German Institutes of Higher Education because they don’t have an accepted school leaving certificate, have to take an exam (Feststellungsprüfung) before they study (equivalent to the German „ Abitur”).

In order to pass this entrance exam successfully, universities offer potential applicants 12-month preparation courses (Studienkollegs) . The course ends with the exam and the permission to study.

Entry to the  Studienkollegs is also restricted. As there are more applicants than free places, foreign applicants have to take an entrance exam for the Studienkolleg. You can take the entrance exam at various Studienkolleges ; individual Studienkollegs may have different entrance exams and demands.

The 4-week GLS Preparation course prepares you completely for the demands of this exam (whichever Studienkolleg you have applied for). It practises the areas focused on in the exam: German and mathematics.

With practice tests and relevant material, we prepare you for the following requirements:


Recommended material: Uni-Deutsch 1, Wissenschaftsdeutsch, Booksbaum Verlag

  • Introduction to analysing academic structures and texts
  • Introduction to describing and interpreting graphic material
  • Revision of core points of German syntax and morphology
  • Transformation exercises  and fill-in the gap exercises with past papers
  • Writing practice with individual correction


Recommended material: Dudenverlag: Abiturwissen-Box

  • Functions and graphs
  • Equations and  square root calculations
  • Logarithmena, differential and integral calculus
  • Geometry
  • Business mathematics
  • Percentages and statistics

Please note: the course consists of  20 teaching hours (i.e. 20 x 45 mins) per week. In order to achieve a good result in the test, you should plan on doing at least 90 mins preparation and homework per day.

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The GLS Service includes

Prior to arrival

  • Free check of your academic documents
  • Personal roadmap outlining YOUR pathway to university in Germany

  • Conditional acceptance letter for a Bachelor degree program in Germany
  • Pre-arrival assistance and visa support (e.g. blocked account, visa appointment)

After arrival in Berlin:

  • German language course in Berlin (e.g. standard or semi-intensive course: more)
  • prep course TestDaF or Goethe B2
  • Tutor and weekly consultation hour during your German course at GLS
  • TestAS Examination if applicable (3 times/year)

Paso a paso

  1. Rellena el formulario.
    Adjunta tu título escolar y dinos si has cursado estudios universitarios en tu país.
  2. GLS comprobará GRATUITAMENTE tus documentos.
    Te informaremos de si tu título te permite acceder directamente a la universidad o si, por el contrario, deberás asistir a un Studienkolleg preparatorio durante un año. También te diremos durante cuánto tiempo deberás asistir a clases de alemán en la escuela GLS para alcanzar el nivel de alemán exigido. Asismismo te facilitamos un presupuesto e información sobre la solicitud de visado.
  3. Si aceptas el itinierario
    ... que diseñamos para ti, recibirás una factura y deberás reunir todos los documentos necesarios.
  4. Una vez hayamos recibido el pago y los documentos
    ... GLS te enviará a) una carta de acceso condicional a una universidad alemana con la que GLS coopera y b) una carta de invitación para asistir al curso de alemán en GLS. Necesitarás ambos documentos para tramitar tu visado como solicitante de plaza en la universidad. Este tipo de visado te otorga estatus de estudiante: puedes quedarte hasta 12 meses en Alemania para aprender alemán y prepararte para el ingreso en la universidad. Cuando estés admitido en la misma, podrás solicitar tu visado de estudiante sin tener que salir del país.
  5. Durante tu curso de alemán en Berlín
    ... te ofrecemos sesiones semanales de asesoramiento. Si la visa no establece lo contrario, podrás escoger la universidad que quieras para cursar tus estudios y no será obligatorio asistir a la que te expidió la invitación. GLS te ayudará a inscribirte.